How do we forgive? How do we evolve? What makes us human? Turn wrestles with our ideas of race, gender, abuse, love, sex, motherhood, and death. Sensual and philosophical, personal and universal, these poems rejoice in the contradictions of living.


"These deeply moving poems locate the mythic in the personal and the personal in the mythic."

- Eduardo C. Corral, author of Slow Lightning


"Once within the universe of these splendidly phrased and crafted poems, one recognizes that the force that gives a driving momentum to this collection is of one a unified and earthly eros."

- Garrett Hongo, author of Coral Road


"If truth is beauty, this book shows the glory of the human landscape at its most frightening and radiant."

- Nancy White, author of Detour

Anyone Will Tell You Front Cover.jpg
Anyone Will Tell You

ISBN: 978-1-943977-91-8

THE POEMS IN Anyone Will Tell You explore and subvert form as an expression of the relationships between gender and identity, parent and child, self and other, humanity and the environment, and Earth and the cosmos. Distillation, fluidity, elision, and musicality are all hallmarks of this collection, which relies on the rhythm of the English language to expand the possibilities of meaning from line to line. Investigating the experience of the maternal body and its interaction with technology, Anyone Will Tell You embodies the second wave feminist edict that the personal is political.